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KizzleFoods LLC

KizzleFoods Ground Garlic, 3 oz

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KizzleFoods Ground Garlic is made from Naturally Farm-Ground Garlic, sun-dried and smoothly ground to be used for favorite dishes.

Also well used as a staple in many cooking regimen, adding flavor and taste in preparation of dishes as a Natural taste maker.

No artificial flavors or preservatives are included to deliver the best trusted meals.

Storage: Please keep away from moisture

Ingredients: 100% Naturally Farm-Grown Garlic

Key Features include:

  1. 100% Naturally Farm-Grown and Plant-Derived
  2. Hand-Made
  3. Gluten-Free
  4. NO Artificial Ingredients
  5. Sun-dried and Ground to retain its Natural taste, flavor and feel
  6. Fresh, Pure and Potent taste