About Us

KizzleFoods was created Oct 2020 in New York, USA and it is a brand focused on Naturally Farm-Grown and Plant-Derived spices, bringing to every home and every kitchen clean, natural and fresh food spices to deliver the best trusted taste in meals. Established in 2020 by Eky Divine, the brand was born from a need to bring to life a burning passion, creativity, and growing knowledge of health and well-being. Eky Divine has always been a Fitness and Health lover stemming from 2014 when she would write about Health and Fitness and had a growing Exercise and Workout catalogue under the brand name GLAMekizzle. As there is a growing population of people conscious about what they eat, their general body well-being and seeking trusted food brands,- every product of KizzleFoods is here to meet these needs bringing comfort, great taste to meals and absolute fun while cooking.