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About Us

About Us

KizzleFoods was created and registered Oct 21st, 2020 in New York, USA and it is a Sun-Dried™️ Specialty Spices brand that is Pure, Fresh, Earthy and Naturally Farm-Grown from the Middle-Belt and South-Western region of Nigeria from farms owned by family of our founder, as well as local farmers and traders- bringing to every home and every kitchen Clean, Natural, Fresh, and Potent-tasting food spices to deliver the best trusted taste in meals.

Established in 2020 by Ekhoaye Aigbogun (also known as Eky Divine), KizzleFoods was born from a need to bring to life a burning passion, creativity, and growing knowledge of healthy living and well-being as well as introducing people to True and Pure Spices never before seen or experienced. As more people turn to Plant-Based food items, Eky uses her resources, expertise and knowledge to make available true and trusted spices made purely from plants to meet the growing healthy-desire of consumers today.

All of our spices are ethically sourced working along with female farmers and traders in delivering traditional and age-long African food tasting secrets and recipes, bringing an excellent collection of trusted products and expertise in Spice mix and Recipe combination.

Eky has always been a Fitness and Health lover stemming from 2014 when she would write about Healthy Living and Fitness and had a growing Exercise and Workout catalogue under the brand name GLAMekizzle.

As there is a growing population of people conscious about what they eat, their general body well-being and seeking trusted food brands,- every product of KizzleFoods is here to meet these needs giving you a new expanded experience, trust, great taste to meals and absolute fun while cooking. We also aim to eliminate the believe that Organic and Plant-Based products are expensive or generally unaffordable. We are committed to providing True and Genuine products without compromise on Quality.