About Us

KizzleFoods LLC is a brand from the KizzleBeauty Group.

Our daily work and daily goals are to provide Farm Grown, Plant derived, and Wildcrafted organic foods to every kitchen and home.

Our dream of bringing this to reality is born out of the passionate and intense need to see everyone eat good and natural foods beneficial to the health and body.

We as a team representing a brand, grew up experiencing the richness and gains of Africa’s soil and farmland which provides nutritious, pure and natural foods to our body and we want to make sure that this experience extends to as many homes as possible.

Welcome to this family ready to keep giving the best and doing so much more to make bodies, homes, kitchens and meals the happiest and healthiest time after time.


We Love You

Eky Divine (CEO KizzleFoods/KizzleBeauty)